Students conducting research

The Department of Pharmacology & Physiology is committed to carrying out the highest quality biomedical research and to training young biomedical researchers for the future. Currently the department brings in over $4 million annually in research funding from agencies including the National Institutes of Health, NARSAD, March of Dimes, DoD, and the American Heart Association.

Neuroscience research has many facets including genetics and neurodevelopment, neurobehavior, the role of the CNS in regulation of cardiac function and integrative physiology. Details of faculty research efforts can be found on their individual web pages.

Research in cardiovascular pharmacology and physiology ranges from understanding the neural control of heart rate to the biophysics of electrical conduction in cardiac tissue.

Students Conducting Research

Genomics and bioinformatics play an increasingly important role in modern biomedical science. Our researchers are actively engaged in applying genomic techniques to areas including neurodevelopmental disorders, cancer, pharmacogenomics.